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Power rankings are updated every Tuesday throughout the NHL season.

Rank   Team Record   Change   Comment
1 St. Louis Blues St. Louis Blues 3-0
▲ 14
There has not been a more impressive hockey team than the Blues this season. They can score and defend throughout the lineup.
2 New York Rangers New York Rangers 2-1
▲ 6
Wins over the Islanders and Sharks are very impressive, and losing in St. Louis is nothing to be ashamed about. The question mark is whether they keep winning by trying to outscore their opponents.
3 San Jose Sharks San Jose Sharks 2-1
The Sharks are trying to avoid the Stanley Cup loss hangover and so far, they’ve done a good job, despite a lopsided loss to the Rangers.
4 Colorado Avalanche Colorado Avalanche 2-0
▲ 17
Beating the Stars at home is a good win to open the season, and defeating the Penguins on the road is impressive. The Avs have a lot of talent, but also some concerns. Can they keep up this level of play?
5 Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh Penguins 2-0-1
▼ 4
The Penguins have been pretty remarkable so far this season. However, a loss to the Avalanche at home is a set back.
6 Florida Panthers Florida Panthers 2-0
▲ 12
The Panthers got good wins over the Devils and the Red Wings to start the season, but they came at home. The Panthers will not be tested until they are on the road.
7 Washington Capitals Washington Capitals 1-0-1
▼ 3
Losing to the Penguins in their home opener after the Stanley Cup champions raised their banner is not something to be concerned about. However, they came back and beat the Islanders at home.
8 Nashville Predators Nashville Predators 1-1
▲ 5
A home-and-home split with the Blackhawks is a good way to start the season. The Predators have the talent at all three levels to make a run at the Stanley Cup.
9 Tampa Bay Lightning Tampa Bay Lightning 2-0
▼ 7
Wins are wins, but the Lightning had to come back twice against the Red Wings and once against the Devils. Neither was an impressive win.
10 Dallas Stars Dallas Stars 1-1
▼ 5
The Stars have plenty of firepower, but goaltending and defense have kept them from starting the year 2-0. They will go as far as their goaltending will take them.
11 Boston Bruins Boston Bruins 2-1
▲ 3
The Bruins have good wins over the Blue Jackets and Jets without Patrice Bergeron. But a loss to the Maple Leafs is nothing they want put on the highlight reel.
12 Chicago Blackhawks Chicago Blackhawks 1-2
▼ 6
It is hard to believe the Blackhawks lost their first two games of the season, but they were against the Blues and Predators - both considered teams that could make a deep playoff run. Depth and penalty kill has been a problem.
13 Minnesota Wild Minnesota Wild 1-1
▼ 6
The Wild have gotten off to a Jekyll and Hyde start. They looked really good in St. Louis in the opener before thoroughly outplaying the Jets two nights later. Consistency will be key for this team.
14 New York Islanders New York Islanders 1-2
▼ 5
The Islanders have gotten off to a tough and inconsistent start. We will give them this, though: beginning with road games at the Rangers and Capitals followed by a home game against the Ducks on the second night of a back-to-back is very difficult.
15 Montreal Canadiens Montreal Canadiens 0-0
▼ 4
The Canadiens were really lost last season without goaltender Carey Price. They upgraded their backup and are now in the middle of the pack with Al Montoya.
16 Philadelphia Flyers Philadelphia Flyers 1-0-1
The Flyers had one of the toughest schedules to start the season. They had to travel across the country and play back-to-back games in Los Angeles and Arizona. Getting one win was expected before the season started, but it was not as impressive as it could have been.
17 New Jersey Devils New Jersey Devils 0-1-1
▲ 3
The Devils are a strong defensive team, evidenced by their 2.5 goals allowed per game. They are also going to struggle to score goals, evidenced by their 1.5 goals scored per game.
18 Winnipeg Jets Winnipeg Jets 1-2
▲ 4
The Jets came out of the gates flying with a high-scoring win over the Hurricanes. Since then, they have been outplayed by the Wild in St. Paul and at home by the Bruins.
19 Ottawa Senators Ottawa Senators 2-1
The Senators can score; there is no doubt about that. However, they are equally inept on defense. They are getting wins, even if they are in overtime against two of last season’s bottom 10 teams.
20 Buffalo Sabres Buffalo Sabres 1-1
▲ 9
The Sabres have been okay despite losing star forward Jack Eichel and Evander Kane. They dominated the Oilers, but need to have more depth to climb much higher.
21 Arizona Coyotes Arizona Coyotes 1-0
▲ 4
It is impossible to get a good read on a team after one game, but, the Coyotes did get a win. The problem is that it came against the Flyers in overtime when the opposition played the night before in Los Angeles.
22 Toronto Maple Leafs Toronto Maple Leafs 1-0-1
▲ 5
The Maple Leafs are trending in the right direction. They still have question marks about their defense and youth, but there is an awful lot of talent.
23 Edmonton Oilers Edmonton Oilers 2-1
▲ 7
The Oilers looked ready to take a big step forward this season, but suffered a let down against the Sabres and have only beaten the Flames this season. Connor McDavid is a star, but does he have captain leadership at 19 years old?
24 Los Angeles Kings Los Angeles Kings 0-2
▼ 12
Goaltending depth is going to be a big problem for the Kings. Without Jonathan Quick, they have one of—if not the worst—goaltending situations in the league. The Kings have enough depth elsewhere to make up for it, but it was not a good start.
25 Detroit Red Wings Detroit Red Wings 1-2
▼ 8
The Red Wings have not looked good through week 1. Defensively, they are giving up a lot of very good scoring chances. The last home opener at Joe Louis Arena went a lot better for them.
26 Anaheim Ducks Anaheim Ducks 0-2-1
▼ 16
The Ducks are a talented team. However, they have been awful to start the season. They suffered a big downgrade at head coach and it is showing.
27 Vancouver Canucks Vancouver Canucks 2-0
▼ 1
The Canucks have not lost yet this season. However, neither win was very impressive. The Flames and Hurricanes are two of the league’s worst teams and it took overtime for the Canucks to beat them.
28 Carolina Hurricanes Carolina Hurricanes 0-0-2
It is tough to accurately assess an East Coast team heading west for a couple games. But losing to the Jets and Canucks are not good losses, even if they are in overtime.
29 Columbus Blue Jackets Columbus Blue Jackets 0-2
▼ 6
The Blue Jackets were considered one of the bottom five teams coming into the season. After two games, they have done nothing to change that opinion.
30 Calgary Flames Calgary Flames 0-2-1
▼ 6
There is not a worse defensive team in the NHL than the Flames. They were swept in a home-and-home series with the Oilers and only went to overtime because of an own-goal by the Canucks.


About The Ranker:

MJ Kasprzak was a community leader and featured columnist for Bleacher Report beginning in 2008 and has covered the San Jose Sharks and the rest of the NHL for Examiner.com since 2012.

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