Holly Quan

hollyquan20100908 kcbs 0017r1 Holly QuanBorn and raised in Oakland, Holly graduated from San Francisco State. She got her start in radio at age 16 by interviewing high school friends for the Oakland based radio news magazine “Youth News.” As a teen reporter In 1984, she covered the Democratic National Convention in San Francisco and was hooked on news. “I got Ed Bradley, Bill Moyers and Walter Cronkite’s autographs on the same page. Twenty years later at the Democratic Convention in Boston, I still got butterflies when CBS News’ Bob Schieffer strolled by.”

Her first job came three days after graduating from college at KQED-FM, first as a producer, then reporter and anchor covering the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake and the 1991 Oakland Hills Fire. After a few years at KPIX-FM, she found her home at KCBS in 1997 as a reporter and anchor.

Holly isn’t really a foodie, she just loves to eat, whether it’s roasting Hawaiian kalua pig or testing out the latest izakaya. After studying French for 12 years, Holly tried to learn Italian, but can only reliably speak dim sum, sushi and tapas.

“It is my privilege to experience first-hand the key moments in Bay Area history — like San Francisco’s gay marriage movement — and bring those human stories to our listeners. Whether it’s standing in the driving rain so commuters know what’s flooded and what’s not, or investigating disproportionate cancer rates in Marin County, these are the stories of our communities and ultimately the stories of our lives.”

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Dallas police work near the scene where five Dallas police officers were killed on July 8, 2016 in Dallas, Texas. (Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)

Oakland Prayer Vigil Held In Wake Of Police Shootings; Pastor Says Freeway Shutdowns Necessary

People gathered at BeeBe memorial cathedral to mourn the loss of five Dallas police officers and the two black men who died in police shootings.


Measure AA Bay Shoreline Restoration, 20-Year Parcel Tax Passes

Environmental groups are racing to come up with plans and permits for shoreline restoration projects now that Bay Area voters have passed a $500 million parcel tax in the form of measure AA.


Zika Mosquito Vector

Zika Virus Puts Blood Donors In Short Supply Before Usual Summer Shortage

Blood centers are ramping up ahead of the usual summer shortage, but the Zika virus is cutting into the usual pool of donors.



Hot Dog Food Delivery Service Expanding Service To Western States

For the dog lovers who are too busy to cook for Fido, but still want them to have a hot meal, an 8-month-old startup that delivers hot food to pets is expanding its service to all western states.


Alberto Santana-Silva Suspect Sketch

$10K Reward Offered In 2013 Berkeley Hills Murder

UC Berkeley police are offering a $10,000 reward for information in the 2013 murder of an aspiring paramedic at a lookout on Grizzly Peak, the victim’s family said Wednesday.


Overhead power lines. (Thinkstock)

After 12 Year Wait, CleanPower SF Begins Providing Renewable Energy

With the flip of a switch, San Francisco took a huge step Sunday towards 100 percent green power.


Washing Machine

Small Laundry Pods Pose Big Risk To Little Kids, Study Finds

Small laundry detergent packets pose more of a danger to children than traditional containers according to a new study.


Oakland Calling For Earth Day Cleanup Volunteers

Workers in Oakland recently pulled a mattress, a car bumper, and other trash out of one of the city’s creeks.


yacht sailing

Sharing Economy Extends To Yachts On San Francisco Bay

The sharing economy is extending onto the waters of San Francisco Bay, with yacht-sharing gaining popularity among nautical enthusiasts.


BART Station

$1,000 Bonuses For BART Workers As System Limps Along

As BART is getting ready to ask voters for $3.5 billion in bonds to keep the system running, and amid rising rider frustration over a track problem in the East Bay, the agency is handing out $1,000 bonuses to many of its workers.




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