Susan Leigh Taylor

susanleightaylor20100909 kcbs 07061 Susan Leigh TaylorSusan attended Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne (home of the Mastodons). Her career in radio began at the age of 2, when she called a morning DJ to tell a “knock-knock” joke. She still has trouble with punch lines. Her first radio paycheck came at the age of 16. That first job, as a DJ in Kendallville, Indiana, involved hiding in the basement whenever a tornado warning was issued. The station’s music mix included Lawrence Welk and a personal favorite of Susan’s, Lenny Dee and His Magic Organ.

Later years would see Susan working at much larger stations in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. She has co-anchored KCBS morning newscasts since 1997, and likes to think there’s still a little of the Indiana small-town broadcaster in her approach to the news: telling people what they need to know in a straightforward manner.

Susan lives in Pacifica, having determined that the world cleaves between inland people and coastal people, and she’s of the latter variety. She has been known to buy an item or two on eBay, and really enjoys watching “All-Star Celebrity Poker” on TV.

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Jet Exhaust Pollution Prompts Push For Airplane Population Control

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Car Sharing Growing More Popular With City Dwellers, Research Shows

While not everyone is ready to stick a for sale sign in the window of their car, new research out of UC Berkeley reveals car sharing services are starting to win over city dwellers.



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Most of the stores where you shop probably have the new machines that let shoppers dip their new security chip-equipped cards into rather than swiping, but they aren’t using them yet.




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