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One Comment

  1. Scott says:

    It’s too bad these people truly believe in a cause tht is really a smoke screen financed by the wealthy to gain voter support. I have compassion for those who have been duped.

    1. Bri says:

      Although I am not part of Tea Party, but Tea Party is far from Wealth or getting money from Wealthy people. They are a strong grass roots organization actually. If you actually do your research and talk with them you will see they aren’t. You only have an opinion of who or what they are. Try being apart of them for a month without believing in their cause then make a statement. Like in school, there is opinion or fact. Separate the two…If you really they people are being duped then change it.. Cant knock it unless you have followed them directly.. People only see and hear, but really haven’t followed them and are apart of it. There are some things I do agree with with them and some things I dont. Why in the hell would a rich person fund Tea Party if they want no tax or lower taxes for poor and thats a FACT? Many of Tea Party are poor. Look at the candidates this past year they have endorsed, people who had little or no experience or unknowns, FACT..

  2. wcmillionairre says:

    There’s like, what…twenty, thirty people at this event?

    1. latitude38 says:

      wc, re; 20-30 people at event . this was exactly how the 60’s protest of the vietnam war, and the great society programs started

  3. Wren says:

    Hmmm…I wonder why Beth Spotswood didn’t want to show you the pictures of the hundreds of people who joined the San Francisco Tea Party after 5:00 when they finished their day at work? Just another example of media bias in the Bay Area.

    For more accurate coverage of the Bay Area Patriots 2011 Tea Party check out:

  4. slf says:

    wow, there must have been at least a dozen people there!

  5. proud_bay_man says:

    tea party = white hoods

  6. bikegata says:

    Wow, anyone who believes the tea party is anything but a front for the Koch Brothers is willfully ignorant – look it up. The idiots who join it are brain dead dupes. These are the brown shirts in waiting. If you’re too young to know the significance of brown shirts, look it up. If you don’t know who the Koch Bros are, look that up too.

  7. Military guy with an education says:

    The Tea Party continues to slap the face of true American Patriots, who value our Country and all we stand for. They are bigots, zealots, and narrow minded idiots with only a few with true informed and valuable intentions. They will die the death of those flash in the pan extremist organizations whose fringe ideologies are so far to the end of a political spectrum, they have no place to go but OUT. Those of us who fought for our country understand loyalty and care for our values more than most. Take the FOX Propaganda Network and charter the first Mars bus trip!

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