George Lucas

Proposed George Lucas Museum In Chicago Runs Into Opposition'Star Wars' creator, George Lucas chose to build his museum of narrative art in Chicago over San Francisco's Crissy Field, but efforts to stop the project from happening are mounting.
George Lucas Movie Museum Team Unveils New Design With More Park SpaceThe team behind George Lucas' art and movie museum released revised renderings of the proposed Chicago landmark that are likely to stoke passions in a city that guards its Lake Michigan shoreline with religious-like devotion.
Eagles, Carole King, George Lucas Lead Kennedy Center HonoreesSome of the biggest pop culture figures of the '70s will be honored by the ceremony.
'Star Wars' Getting a Virtual-Reality ExperienceThe folks at Industrial Light & Magic, Skywalker Sound and Lucasfilm announce a project to bring virtual- and augmented-reality experiences to "Star Wars" and other movie franchises.
LucasFilm Confirms Plans For 5th Indiana Jones FilmIf your inner 8 year old was thrilled to hear that the Star Wars franchise was revived, hold on to your lightsaber - Indiana Jones is coming back too.
George Lucas Planning Payback With Massive Affordable Housing Project On His Marin County LandAfter George Lucas ran into a buzzsaw of opposition from his wealthy Marin County neighbors when he tried to expand his Skywalker Ranch studio, the filmmaker might be getting some payback with plans for one of the largest affordable housing projects in the Bay Area.
No April Fool's Joke: Physicists Have A Sense Of Humor, 'Confirm The Force Is Real'The folks running the Large Hadron Collider, the same multi-billion dollar, miles-long machine that found the Higgs Boson God Particle "confirmed" today, April 1st, that THE Force described in Star Wars exists and guides its physicists. Just ask lead scientist, Dr. Ben Kenobi.
Oakland Making Bid For George Lucas MuseumSan Francisco lost out on the museum last summer when George Lucas moved his plans to Chicago, but the Bay Area Council says Oakland is the perfect city for Lucas’ plans.
Alice@97.3's Movie Review: 'Strange Magic'VIDEO: Hooman & Marcus review the animated film from the mind of George Lucas...
Chicago Sued Over George Lucas' Lakefront Museum PlanOpponents of Lucas' Chicago museum says "This is not the spot you're looking for"
27 Rejected Star Wars TitlesWhat could have been a better title than "Star Wars: The Force Awakens"? We got that list...
Lucasfilm Is Suing New York Brewing CompanyAn NYC brewer named their beer "Empire’s Strikes Bock" & the SF-based film company is not happy...