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Separate Concord Crashes Caused By Drivers Running Red Lights Blocks Apart

Two separate vehicle crashes occurred within a block of each other as a result of drivers running red lights in the vicinity of Galindo Street in downtown Concord Monday afternoon, a police lieutenant said.


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Study: Self-Driving Cars Would Eliminate Majority Of Traffic Deaths, Congestion

In some ways, computers make ideal drivers: They don’t drink and then climb behind the wheel.


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Hayward To Get Rid Of Red Light Cameras

The city council voted on Tuesday night to get rid of the devices immediately, rather than wait for the contract with a vendor to expire.


Singing While Driving Can Lead To More Accidents Per Year, Study Finds

Singing While Driving Can Lead To More Accidents Per Year, Study Finds

Study shows that people find it hard to sing and drive at the same time. And let’s not even get started on how many people get into accidents while checking out members of the opposite sex…


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Survey Finds DUI Fatalities Down In California

The survey by the California DMV, which looked at the years 2000-2010, found a sharp drop in DUI-related fatalities, and an overall increase in arrests.


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KCBS In Depth: The San Francisco DA’s Office

An interview with San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon on a number of different high profile cases he and his office are currently working on.



San Jose Sees Record Number Of Pedestrian Deaths

San Jose has seen a record number of pedestrian fatalities this year. There have been 20 in 2011, compared with just seven last year.


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Fatal Traffic Accidents On The Rise In South Santa Clara County

A man driving a motor home in South Santa Clara County has become the eleventh traffic fatality in the area within the past two weeks.


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About The Bay: Bay Area Cyclists Come Under Scrutiny

In his travels About the Bay, KCBS’ Mike Sugerman looks at whether bicyclists in San Francisco are obeying the rules, this after a fatal accident that took the life of a pedestrian last month.


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Berkeley Man Among 2 Hikers Killed At Yosemite

Yosemite National Park has recorded its first two accidental deaths of the year, as two hikers died at the park in unrelated incidents last Friday.