Mineta San Jose International Airport

Bay Area Airports Rank Best, Worst for On-Time Performance

The federal government has declared the South Bay’s Mineta San Jose International Airport the most on-time airport in California.


Southwest Jets lined up at an airport terminal (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Plane Makes Emergency Landing At Oakland International Airport

A Southwest Airlines flight was diverted to Oakland International Airport Tuesday morning after the pilot expressed concern about the plane’s pressurization, an airline spokeswoman said.


Airplane passengers use laptops in-flight. (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

Tech Watch: Reconsidering In-Flight Ban On Electronic Devices

The Federal Aviation Administration has announced it will reconsider the current regulations that ban the use of electronic devices during takeoff, landing or sometimes the entire flight.


San Francisco International Airport. (CBS)

SFO Baggage Screeners Claim Security Breaches Covered Up By Private Company

Is the private company responsible for baggage screening at San Francisco International Airport covering up security breaches and retaliating against workers?


Mineta San Jose Int'l Airport

Passenger Jet Makes Emergency Landing At Mineta San Jose

An Alaska Airlines flight bound for Seattle from the Los Angeles area has made an emergency landing at Mineta San Jose International Airport Wednesday morning.


Southwest Jets lined up at an airport terminal (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Southwest Plane Lands At Mineta SJ After Smoke Reported Onboard

A Southwest Airlines flight landed safely at Mineta San Jose International Airport Tuesday morning after people on board smelled smoke in the cabin, an airline spokesman said.


A man holds a block of ice at an ice factory (AFP/Getty Images)

Block Of Ice Falls From Sky, Damages Fremont Home

A basketball-size block of ice fell from the sky and hit the roof of a Fremont home on Sunday evening, Fremont police said.


The damaged Beech 76 Duchess aircraft that crashed in Rio Linda. (CBS)

3 Walk Away From Small Plane Crash Into NorCal Yard

The small two-engine plane was headed to McClellan Airfield when its left engine failed. The right engine then failed, forcing the pilot to land the plane in a field located four miles northwest of the airport, said FAA spokesperson Allen Kenitzer.


Security officers at San Francisco International Airport (David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

TSA Investigates Pilot Who Criticized SFO Security

Federal authorities are investigating a pilot who posted videos on YouTube critical of security at San Francisco International Airport.

CBS San Francisco–12/24/2010

Leslie Nielsen, 'Naked Gun' Star, Dead At 84

Leslie Nielsen, ‘Naked Gun’ Star, Dead At 84

Legendary Actor, 84, Dies of Pneumonia Complications at Florida Hospital; Stage and Screen Career Spanned Six Decades

CBS San Francisco–11/28/2010



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