Airsoft Pistol

An Airsoft pistol (top) is placed alongside a pistol used by Richmond Police. (CBS)

East Bay Police Train With Airsoft Guns Amid Ammo Shortage

A nationwide shortage of ammunition has forced several police departments, including Richmond, to find a backup solution for training rounds. Officers said the solution is just as effective as live ammo, not to mention cheaper.


Airsoft Pistol

Suspects Use Toy Gun To Rob Woman In Saratoga Parking Lot

A woman was held up at gunpoint as she left her car at an unincorporated Saratoga shopping center parking lot last weekend. The gun used was later determined to be a modified Airsoft pistol, officials said.



Teen Admits To Carrying Pellet Gun That Prompted SJ School Lockdown

A 15-year-old Independence High School student admitted to bringing an Airsoft pistol onto campus Wednesday, an incident that prompted an hours-long school lockdown, police said Friday.



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