Protesters in Berkeley face off with police in riot gear. (KCBS)

Tear Gas, Windows Broken, Clashes With Police As Anarchists Hijack Peaceful Protest March Through Berkeley

Several hundred demonstrators began marching around 5 p.m. at UC Berkeley. By 630 p.m. one reporter described University Ave. as a mob scene.


Twitter logo is displayed at the entrance of Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. (AFP/Getty Images)

San Francisco DA Subpoenas Twitter In Protest Case

Social networking giant Twitter has been subpoenaed by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, as prosecutors investigate a violent protest that took place in October.


Occupy Oakland encampment in front of Oakland City Hall. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Occupy Oakland Encampment Includes Liberals, Homeless, Drifters & Anarchists

Are they an organized political movement or is it pure anarchy inside the encampment at Oakland’s Frank Oagawa Plaza?


Occupy Oakland Calls For General Strike

Hundreds Pack Emotional City Council Meeting On Occupy Oakland

Supporters of the Occupy Oakland movement and some of its detractors packed an emotional Oakland City Council meeting Thursday night to discuss the city’s response to the protests.


The Occupy Oakland Protests

Occupy Oakland Disavows Violence, Police Report 103 Arrests

Representatives of the Occupy Wall Street movement in Oakland say they regret that their daylong downtown demonstration was marred by an “autonomous” group.


Protestors Cry: Verdict Unjust

OAKLAND, Calif. (KCBS)- Protests left a trail of broken windows and graffiti on Broadway, Webster, Telegraph and Franklin Streets in downtown Oakland Thursday night.