Anderson Reservoir

Anderson Reservoir (Cal Fire)

Despite Drought, Aging Anderson Reservoir To Be Drained To Prevent ‘Catastrophic’ Flood

The idea of completely draining one of the Bay Area’s largest reservoirs of drinking water might be shocking to drought-conscious Californians. But that’s exactly what will happen next year when a seismic retrofit will begin at Anderson Dam and Reservoir near Morgan Hill.


Anderson Reservoir (Cal Fire)

Seismic Study Allows South Bay Dam To Hold More Water

The Anderson Reservoir near Morgan Hill has been forced to release thousands of gallons of water because the dam is an earthquake hazard, but a new seismic study is recommending capacity be increased.


Anderson Reservoir (Cal Fire)

Report: Santa Clara Reservoir May Not Withstand Major Quake

A new report showed the largest reservoir in Santa Clara County could “slump” in a major earthquake and cause severe flooding, and water experts are taking immediate action.