Larry Magid: Google Maps Navigates Way Back To Apple Devices Google is out with a new and improved mapping app for both the iPad and iPhone. A previous version was removed by Apple last September, prompting a barrage of criticism about Apple's own mapping app.
Tech Report: Navigation On Cellphones May Violate Calif. Hands-Free LawOur technology analyst takes a look at a recent decision by a Fresno court that prevents use of hand-held navigation devices while driving.
Google Maps Return To iPhone With New AppThe world’s most popular online mapping system returned late Wednesday with the release of the Google Maps’ iPhone app.
Bad Apple Maps Directions Lead Australian Users To DesertMore than two months after Apple's CEO apologized for errors in its Maps service, Australian police say the app is "potentially life threatening" because of the bad directions it has given to the southern city of Mildura.
Apple Fires Exec Behind Apple MapsApple has reportedly fired the executive behind the ill-fated Apple Maps.
Outgoing Apple Exec Refused To Apologize For Mapping App FlawsThe head of Apple’s iPhone software development was asked to resign after he refused to sign a letter apologizing for the flaws of Apple’s mapping application, according to a published report.
Apple 'Extremely Sorry' For Maps FrustrationApple CEO Tim Cook said the company is “extremely sorry” for the frustration that its maps application has caused and it’s doing everything it can to make it better.
Tech Watch: iPhone 5 Flaws May Keep New Buyers AwayThe iPhone 5 is a great phone, but it’s been awhile since Apple was the only serious choice and this phone doesn’t change that.

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