Assisted Living

The Power of a PetMany people feel that a house isn’t really a “home” without a four-legged, furry friend. Companionship of a pet has been shown to build self-esteem in the elderly, increase cognitive alertness, and lift the spirits of people with Alzheimer’s. Often times, an animal can reach a person in a way that other people cannot.
4 Ways to Support a Couple with DementiaThe spouse of someone with dementia is experiencing not only the pressure of caring for a loved one, but also their own personal loss and sadness as their loved one slips away. This profound change in their marriage and relationship can be difficult beyond words and overwhelming for the couple. Many caregiving spouses don’t ask for the help that they desperately need. Here are some ideas on how you can provide support for a couple with dementia.
The Powerful Impact of Music on Memory CareAs you search for the best community for your loved one who requires senior living or Alzheimer’s care, be sure to seek out memory care. Memory care involves many techniques that can keep your loved one happier and healthier. Even when our cognitive faculties begin to go, we retain the ability to feel joy – and we often can get that experience from music. Music can help people living with dementia access memories, emotions and connections that are difficult for them to grasp otherwise.
Top Tips for Touring an Assisted Living CommunityWhen walking into an assisted living community for the first time, you may be overwhelmed. It can be a mix of emotions and concerns. By staying focused and knowing what to look for, your decision-making process may be easier and more helpful to find the perfect fit for your loved one.
Staying Hydrated During Hot Summer Months Crucial For SeniorsAegis Living Offers Nutritious, Refreshing Way to Maintain Brain Health
Benefits of Positive Relationships Between Caregivers and PatientsAs the child of a person with Alzheimer’s disease, your biggest concern is providing your parent with the best care possible. It can be overwhelming – for example, the intense worry over how well your mother is communicating with her nurse or if she is happy with her living conditions. In today’s increasingly depersonalized health care system, getting such answers can be a troublesome task. Many people in your situation must rely on the professionals that care for your parent to provide not only medical care but also emotional and social needs.
20 Questions For The Director Of An Assisted Living CommunityThere are many choices when looking for eldercare options for your aging loved one, who can no longer live independently. It is important to define what you are looking for in an assisted living community and how to meet your loved one’s care needs.
The Link Between Alzheimer’s And Cardiovascular DiseaseA healthy heart is the key to a healthy brain, as good blood flow to the gray matter is essential for function and wellness of the brain cells. In recent years, there has been mounting evidence of the strong association between dementia and cardiovascular disease, particularly in terms of the heart condition’s tendency to starve the brain of blood.
Exercise Good For The Brain, Even For Those With Alzheimer'sExercise may do more than keep a healthy brain fit: New research suggests working up a good sweat may also...
The Many Care Options At Aegis LivingAegis Living communities offer a variety of lifestyle options and levels of care, and care plans evolve with the changing needs of each resident. Along with the many amenities and features to keep seniors happy, healthy and content, Aegis Living has these customizable care options.
5 Signs of DementiaKeeping our seniors safe Aegis Living has innovative safety measures...
What To Pack For A Move To An Assisted Living CommunityWhen preparing to move your parent into an assisted living facility, you will need to make yet another decision: what to pack and what to discard. Moving can be a tough transition no matter your age, but especially for seniors who want to hang onto all of their belongings.
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