BART To San Jose

BART subway cars sit idle in train yard in Hayward, (AP)

Feds Urge Funding For BART Extension To San Jose

U.S. transportation officials are recommending federal funding for the Bay Area Rapid Transit commuter train extension to San Jose.


BART station (CBS)

BART Extension Project Should Bring Jobs To South Bay

But, the hard-hit construction industry could soon be seeing some better times, following the awarding of more than $1 billion in contracts for the BART to San Jose project.


(Photo Credit: Getty Images/William Thomas Cain)

BART May Connect To San Jose Sooner Than Planned

BART trains could be rolling in San Jose as soon as 2016 after a huge hurdle was cleared Thursday in the form of more than $1 billion in grant money.


BART train (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

BART-To-San Jose Sees An Infusion Of Cash From State

California may be broke, but that isn’t stopping the state from funneling more than $200 million into Bay Area transportation projects. This is especially good news for the BART-to-San Jose project.


Artist's conception of a California high-speed rail train. (California High-Speed Rail Authority)

Federal Budget Could Delay Bay Area Transit Projects

One of the major targets of the budget compromise is federal funding for transportation projects, including two high-profile Bay Area projects.