Police Release Video Of Suspect Who Bit Off SF Bartender's FingerPolice have released surveillance videos of a man who allegedly attacked and bit off the finger of a bartender at a San Francisco bar.
Foodie Chap With Brian Means of Dirty HabitThe duo met at Dirty Habit for their Foodie Chap Chat and over a cocktail or two...
Honesty Bars: The Bars Where You Pay Whatever You WantIf you've ever stayed at a boutique hotel abroad, odds are you've come across a "Seriously, where on earth did the bartender go -- oh wait, there is no bartender?" honesty bar.
California Lawmakers Reconsider Glove Requirement For Chefs, BartendersThe Assembly Health Committee voted 15-0 Tuesday to repeal and revisit the regulation before enforcement begins this summer, following opposition from chefs and bartenders.
Bartenders Pouring Political Pressure On Law Requiring Rubber GlovesThe gloves are off for bartenders, bakers and sushi chefs and they hope to keep it that way as state lawmakers are attempting to pass an emergency measure repealing a new state law that requires those who handle raw food to wear disposable gloves and change them between transactions.
Bartenders: Would You Like Latex With Your Lime? Glove Law Impacts Drinks, FoodA newly-implemented California law has chefs steaming over protocol requiring them to wear gloves while preparing certain foods, but it could shake things up even more for bartenders in the golden state.
Foodie Chap With Mixologist Scott BeattieFor Liam's Foodie Chap Chat, master mixologist Scott Beattie whipped up a "Coastal Pimms Cup"...
Best Holiday Drink Ideas From North Bay MixologistsTry your hand at shaking up a cocktail or after-dinner libation with the guidance from professional mixologists who share their secret holiday recipes with you.

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