Michelle Pfeiffer Explains Her Break From HollywoodIf moviegoers have missed seeing Michelle Pfeiffer around, they're in luck...
California Gets $15 Million In Bernard Madoff Fraud RecoveryThe lawsuit estimates there are more than 460 defrauded investors which would work out to reimbursements of about $32,600 each.
Jan Wahl Movie Review: 'Chasing Madoff'How 'bout some movies to stay in with? Looking for a suggestion or two? You're in luck, says KCBS Entertainment Reporter Jan Wahl.
Jan Wahl Movie Review: 'Contagion'Jan Wahl reviews the new thriller by Steven Soderbergh starring Kate Winslet, Lawrence Fishburne, Matt Damon, and Jude Law. Plus the documentary 'Chasing Madoff.'

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