Top 10 Must-Visit Independent Bookstores In San FranciscoLooking for the best bookstore in San Fran? Barry Lancet, author of "Pacific Burn," shares his picks for the best independent bookstores in The City.
Best Independent Bookstores In San FranciscoFor a city of under one million in population, San Francisco supports more than its fair share of independent bookstores, many with the special kind of browsing experiences, book clubs, readings and meet -the-author book signing events that online sales cannot replace.
Best Rainy Day Fun In the Bay AreaEven sunny California has its fair share of dark and dreary days. While there may be an endless number of activities that can be done at home, who doesn’t eventually hear the dreaded, “I’m sooo bored! There’s nothing to do...” And then what? If you and your crew are just itching to get out of the house, here are some sure-fire Bay Area cures for cabin fever.
12 Bay Area Stores Closing Amid Borders BankruptcyBookseller Borders, which helped pioneer superstores that put countless mom-and-pop bookshops out of business, filed for bankruptcy protection Wednesday, sunk by crushing debt and sluggishness in adapting to a rapidly changing industry.

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