Warriors Game 7 Victory Drew Largest Audience Ever For NBA Game On Cable TVThe Warriors' Game 7 victory in the Western Conference finals drew the largest TV audience for an NBA game on cable.
Canada Tests 'A La Carte' Cable TV RatesCan you save money if you pay only for the TV channels you watch? Canadians will find out.
New Comcast Platform Saves TV Shows OnlineComcast Corp., which provides service to many Bay Area homes and is the nation's largest cable TV provider, is rolling out a new TV platform that does away with the hard drive and saves your TV shows online.
Comcast Closing Bay Area, Sacramento Call Centers; 1,000 Jobs LostThe company on Tuesday cited the high cost of living and doing business in California as the reason behind its decision to shut down the call centers in Sacramento, Livermore and Morgan Hill at the end of November.
ConsumerWatch: More Americans Ditching Cable, Satellite TVIncreasing numbers of Americans are dropping cable and satellite television service, and the weak economy is to blame, according to the Associated Press.
ConsumerWatch: Power Usage Of Set Top Boxes Surprisingly HighThose little boxes that usher signals into your television set are “energy sucking vampires,” according to a new report by the Natural Resources Defense Council.
Cable Subscribers Flee, But Is Internet To Blame?Cable companies have been losing TV subscribers at an ever faster rate in the last few months, and satellite TV isn't picking up the slack.

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