Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore

Cars driving through the 4th bore in the Caldecott Tunnel.  (CBS)

Temporary Friday Night Closure For Caldecott Tunnel’s Fourth Bore Due To Emergency Drill

The fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnels will be closed Friday night and part of Saturday morning for its first-ever emergency response drill, a Caltrans spokesman said.


Construction on the fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnel. (MTC)

Caltrans Apologizes For Traffic Snarl Caused By Caldecott Tunnel Electrical Glitch

Caltrans apologized for a power outage that caused major backups at the Caldecott Tunnel Monday morning, because of an inability to switch the middle bore to westbound traffic. Workers were testing the new system out when they tripped a circuit that caused the glitch.


Crews at the site of the Caldecott Tunnel fourth bore construction. (Caltrans)

Caldecott Tunnel’s 4th Bore Takes Shape, Officials Advise Commuters: ‘Be Patient’

While the Caldecott Tunnel’s fourth bore is taking shape, Caltrans officials are telling commuters to remain patient since it’s not likely to open until the end of the year.