California High-Speed Rail Authority

Artist rendering of a California High-Speed Rail trail. (CA High-Speed Rail Authority)

California High-Speed Rail Officials Say Plan On Schedule

The board that oversees California’s embattled $68 billion high-speed rail project decided Thursday to try again to gain blanket authority to sell $8.6 billion in state bonds, after a judge blocked the bond sales last week in one of several recent setbacks for the project.


Caltrain Diridon station, San Jose

Phil Matier: High-Speed Rail Ruling Threatens To Derail Future Of Caltrain, Other Agencies

This week’s court decision putting California’s high-speed train project on hold could have an undesired impact on the new Transbay Terminal in San Francisco—not to mention a number of transit projects all through Northern California.


California High-Speed Rail

Hurdle For California High-Speed Rail: Where Is The Money?

A judge’s rulings this week ordered California’s high-speed rail to identify funding for the first 300 miles, raising one of the biggest hurdles facing the ambitious, $68 billion project: Where will the money come from to complete it?


CA high speed rail

High-Speed Rail Funding In Jeopardy After Judge Blocks Sale Of Bonds

A judge on Monday tore up California’s funding plans for what would be the nation’s first bullet train, issuing separate orders that could force the state to spend months or years redrawing its plans for the $68 billion rail line.


California High-Speed Rail

California High Speed Rail Authority Board Approves CEO’s Raise

The board that oversees California’s High Speed Rail Authority unanimously approved a raise for its chief executive on Tuesday.


Artist's conception of a California high-speed rail train. (California High-Speed Rail Authority)

Convicted Embezzler Hired By California High-Speed Rail Agency

A woman who embezzled $320,000 from a state agency was later hired by California’s High-Speed Rail Authority — and she says nobody asked about her background.


California High-Speed Rail

Judge’s Ruling Doesn’t Appear To Stop California’s High-Speed Rail Plan

Gov. Jerry Brown says a superior court judge’s ruling that California’s high-speed rail plan has not followed the terms of the voter-approved ballot initiative will not stop its construction.


California High-Speed Rail

Judge Rules California High-Speed Rail Plan Violates Initiative

A judge ruled Friday that the agency overseeing the bullet train failed to comply with the financial and environmental requirements voters were promised.


California High-Speed Rail

GOP Lawmakers Seek Audit Of Calif. High-Speed Rail Land

Two Republican lawmakers from the Central Valley want the state auditor to review the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s moves to buy up land for the $68 billion project.


Artist's conception of a California high-speed rail train. (California High-Speed Rail Authority)

Feds Give OK To California High-Speed Rail Construction

A federal railroad oversight board has given approval to the California High-Speed Rail Authority to start construction in the Central Valley.





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