Savings May Get Tougher As California Rainy Day Fund FillsThe state's rainy day fund is on the verge of being full.
Initiative To Break California Into 3 States To Go On November Ballot An initiative that would divide California into three separate states qualified Tuesday to appear on the ballot in November's general election.
PG&E Warns Of New Policy To Shut Off Power In Extreme Fire DangerPG&E on Tuesday warned customers in the Bay Area about a new policy that will cut electricity to certain neighborhoods during extreme fire weather conditions.
California May Nix Tesla Tax Rebate As Part Of Proposed Labor RuleProposed labor rules would require Tesla and other electric car manufacturers in California to certify its employees are being treated well in order for customers to claim electric vehicle rebates.
Cal Fire Blames 12 NorCal Wildfires On PG&E Power Lines, Equipment FailuresPacific Gas and Electric power lines and equipment failure are to blame for 12 of the catastrophic Northern California wildfires started in October 2017, according to the state Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.
Hero Pit Bull Warns Family Of House Fire, Drags Baby To SafetyA heroic pit bull in California is being credited with saving a woman and her baby after a fire broke out at their apartment.
California Primary Election Could Solidify Democrats' PowerTuesday's primary election will set the stage for November, but it will also test whether the state's vanishing Republicans have enough remaining influence to avoid another shutout at the statewide polls.
California's 'Jungle Primary' Sets Off Party Scrambling"It's definitely been a disruptive force in California politics, and we're just learning about some of the pros and cons."

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