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A sign welcoming Facebook is flashed on a screen outside the NASDAQ stock exchange at Times Square in New York, May 18, 2012. (Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/GettyImages)

Hopes For California Facebook Windfall Sink As Stock Slides To All-Time Low

Shares of Facebook plunged to all-time lows after early investors and insiders were allowed to sell their shares Thursday, dimming California’s hope for a capital gains windfall that would help balance the state budget.


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California Stands To Reap Windfall From Facebook IPO

If the Menlo Park company goes public this year, as many have speculated, the state stands to reap hundreds of millions of dollars in capital gains taxes from Facebook investors and employees profiting from stock transactions.


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‘Patriotic’ Movement To Raise Taxes On Wealthy Has Roots In East Bay

The movement among millionaires to make the wealthy pay more in taxes didn’t start with Warren Buffett’s secretary. It began in Piedmont, at civil rights attorney Guy Saperstein’s house.


Jerry Brown, Meg Whitman

Brown, Whitman Tangle Over Capital Gains Tax Cut

Democrat Jerry Brown on Monday cast his gubernatorial rival as a billionaire opportunist who wants to enrich herself with tax breaks—a charge Meg Whitman called class warfare by the attorney general in the closing two weeks of the campaign.

CBS San Francisco–10/18/2010

Jerry Brown, Meg Whitman

Brown Rips Whitman’s Plan To Cut Capital Gains Tax

Democratic candidate for governor Jerry Brown is calling on his Republican rival to reveal how much she would personally gain from her proposal to eliminate the state capital gains tax.

CBS San Francisco–10/14/2010

California Gubernatorial candidates Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman.

Fact Checking Claims By Brown, Whitman In Final Debate

Democrat Jerry Brown and Republican Meg Whitman made statements about state spending, budgeting plans and other issues that didn’t quite match reality or were incomplete.

CBS San Francisco–10/12/2010