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Background Checks For A Job: What To Expect

Jill Schlesinger looks at what to expect from an employee background check.


Solar Panels

Let Your Career Shine With A Job In The Solar Panel Industry

The future is bright for people looking for work in the solar panel industry. Jill Schlesinger has more.


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Former Google VP Ushers In A New Vision Of Higher Education

Most states have deeply cut spending in higher education since 2008. Meanwhile more students than ever are enrolling.


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Employers Hiring More Young Workers

In today’s Jobs Report, Jill Schlesinger says it’s a great time to be a millennial looking for work.


Baby boomers at a job fair. (CBS SF)

Smart Job Tips For Baby Boomers And Seniors

Jill Schlesinger looks at job opportunities for retirees in today’s Jobs Report.


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Clean Tech Synonymous With Local Job Growth In 2015

Job cuts by many tech companies may indicate a recent slump, but clean tech continues its run of strong growth. Anyone looking to join the ranks of a growing industry in the San Francisco Bay Area would be wise to consider the alternative energy sector.


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Consultant Navigates The Variety Opportunities For Nursing In San Francisco

Nurses are in high demand at hospitals, but many other opportunities exist for RNs. Whether serving as a grammar school nurse, health care worker at corporate day care facility or pursuing other opportunities, becoming a certified nursing professional is a sure-fire way to keep yourself in high demand.


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Cyber Security Expert Prevents Financial Loss For Levi Strauss

Productive careers are born out of real-world necessity. The demands to address cybercrime shaped the career of the senior manager of cyber security at one of San Francisco’s signature companies, Levi Strauss & Co.



Good With Numbers? Consider A Statistician Career & Earn Over $100K

Jill Schlesinger tells us how the demand for jobs in big data are pouring into the Bay Area.



A Website For Travel Cash Generates Both Funds And Fun

Tourism is one of the world’s biggest industries, but large corporations have long since taken most pieces of the pie. Now, a local entrepreneur is able to take a cut using her ingenuity, education and passion to spread travel cheer.