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Animal Update: Kitten Season

Each year, we talk about kitten season – when shelters become full of orphaned or otherwise surrendered cats.


Photo Credit: ThinkStock

Animal Update: Pet Behavior

It’s not uncommon for people to think of some pets as expert mimics – birds, for instance. But according to a recently published report, there is evidence to suggest other pets do it, too.


Animal Update: Your Pet’s Dental Health

February is Dental Health Month. What should we know about our pet’s teeth?


Lisa Gerson is reunited with Vanilla (BCN/SF Animal Care and Control)

Family Reunited With Cat Missing From Marin For 8 Years

Vanilla, a 9-year-old male Siamese cat, had gone missing from its owners, Lisa Gerson and Ashley Lowengrub, eight and a half years ago in Sausalito, said Kat Brown, deputy director of the Department of Animal Care and Control in San Francisco.


Animal Update: Contagious Yawning

A bit of an unusual topic but a fun one, too: humans often will yawn when we see somebody else yawn. Animals, believe it or not, may do the same.


Animal Update: Macy’s Holiday Windows

It’s an exciting time of year for the people who make up the San Francisco SPCA, who are embarking on an annual tradition: Macy’s Holiday Windows at Union Square.


(photo courtesy: City of Alameda)

Animal Update: Can You Make Your Pet Sick?

It’s well known that swine flu and bird flu can be transmitted from animals to people, but is the reserve true? Can an owner make his pet sick?


(photo courtesy: City of Alameda)

Animal Update: Rabies Signs And Preventative Measures

We don’t hear all that much about rabies these days, but it’s still a relevant issue for pets and their owners.


(photo courtesy: City of Alameda)

Animal Update: When Pets Pick Up Foxtails

Foxtails are sprouting again in and around San Francisco. These plants are a real problem for pets enjoying the spring and summer months.


(photo courtesy: City of Alameda)

Animal Update: Detecting And Treating Lice On Your Pets

We know that humans – perhaps most often kids – can get head and body lice. Can animals get lice, too?





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