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People walk by a homeless man. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Federal Program To Fund Free Cell Service For California Homeless

Many California homeless people may soon get cell phones for next to nothing thanks to a federally-funded program set for approval by the Public Utilities Commission.


Oakland shooting, road rage suspects, reckless driving

2 Arrested In Oakland Road Rage Shooting Over Cellphone Video

Two people were arrested in Oakland Monday afternoon after a bizarre road rage confrontation and shooting over a cellphone video of a reckless driver, according to police.



Churches Increasingly Rent Out Steeples As Cellphone Towers

People demanding better cellphone service without having to look at a bunch of new towers may soon have their prayers answered.


Apple Introduces iPhone 5

Man Sprays Passerby With Mystery Substance In Pleasant Hill In Cellphone Theft

Police were attempting to locate a suspect who asked a passerby for directions then snatched the victim’s iPhone in Pleasant Hill on Tuesday morning.


A Duracell Instant USB charger. (Duracell)

Tech Watch: Keeping Your Phone Charged When Power Is Out

You never know when its going to come: storm, wind, earthquake or fire can all knock out power for an extended period.


A man uses two smartphones. (Indranil Mukherjee/AFP/Getty Images)

Tech Report: Your Whereabouts Predicted Based On Smartphone Use

Researchers at the University of Birmingham in England report they’ve come up with a formula that can predict where someone will be based on data analyzed from that person’s smartphone.



ConsumerWatch: Used Smartphones Retain Loads Of Personal Data

Smartphones, as sophisticated as any laptop or desktop computer, are also just as thorough in retaining all sorts of personal information that can be mined by others who buy a used phone.


A man uses two smartphones. (Indranil Mukherjee/AFP/Getty Images)

San Francisco Cell Phone Labeling Ruling Could Have Far Reaching Effects

A Federal Appeals Court judge in San Francisco was set to hear arguments Thursday in a long-simmering legal battle between the city and the wireless industry.


BART Police

Teens Arrested In SF BART Cellphone Theft; Other Cases Eyed

Two teenage boys were arrested earlier this month after allegedly robbing a BART rider of a cellphone in San Francisco, a BART police spokeswoman said Tuesday.


Alice Evelyn Van Ness practices yoga (CBS)

Yoga Instructor Loses Job After Enforcing No Phone Policy At Facebook

A Bay Area yoga instructor says she is out of a job after a nonverbal attempt to enforce a no cellphone policy during a recent session at Facebook.