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Travel On A Budget This Labor Day Weekend

Here are some helpful tips to keep costs down while enjoying a safe and enjoyable trip over the Labor Day weekend.


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California Gas Prices Equal All-Time High

AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge report released early Saturday says the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded across California rose 12 cents from its Friday mark of nearly $4.49.


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Gas Prices Hit All-Time Record High In California

It’s official: the California state average for a gallon of gasoline has never been higher.


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Bay Area Cheap Gas Prices Locator

As gasoline prices continue to rise, many Bay Area motorists are asking the question: Where’s the cheapest gas to be found in my community?


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Computer Glitch Leads To $0.39 Gas At North Bay Station

Authorities say they had to block vehicles from entering a gas station near Santa Rosa after a computer problem had gas there on sale for 39 cents a gallon.

CBS San Francisco–02/04/2011