Children Left Behind


Children Left Behind: Will Extended Foster Age Protect California Teens?

After decades of kicking foster children out of the system when they turn 18, California is phasing in a new law that will extend benefits until age 21.



Children Left Behind: Many Former Foster Kids Forced Into Prostitution

Half of the homeless people in the Bay Area are former foster children, and most of the young prostitutes working in East Oakland used to be in foster care, according to experts.



Children Left Behind: A Look Inside A Newark Foster Home For Teens

There are still far more foster kids who need a home than there are people willing to take them. Whether a child lands in the right environment is often just the luck of the draw, but one home is Newark is doing it’s best to improve the odds.


Children. (AP)

Children Left Behind: Finding Foster Children A Home

In Part 2 of our weeklong cover series on foster care, KCBS’ Doug Sovern takes a look at the difficult process in finding the right home for foster children.


A homeless man sleeps in the doorway of a closed store in San Francisco. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Children Left Behind: California Foster Care System Challenged

In this weeklong series, KCBS’ Doug Sovern takes a look at the foster care system in California. He starts out with a look at how a young woman has finally found some stability in Oakland.