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Children’s Hospital Oakland

Jahi McMath pictured her with her mom.

Jahi McMath Receiving Treatment At Undisclosed Catholic Organization

Jahi McMath’s family lawyer has said she has been relocated to an undisclosed Catholic organization where she is receiving treatment, but now he plans on suing the spokesman for Children’s Hospital Oakland.


Jahi McMath (family photo)

Jahi McMath Removed From Children’s Hospital Oakland

Jahi McMath was taken by a critical care team and released to the coroner. The coroner then released her into the custody of her mother, Nailah Winkfield.


McMath Family

Lawyer For Jahi McMath Family Says Brain-Dead Teen Will Be Moved

In a live interview on KPIX 5 Sunday morning, Chris Dolan — the attorney for the family of Jahi McMath — said he has arranged for the brain-dead teen to be moved from Children’s Hospital Oakland before a court-ordered Tuesday deadline.


Jahi McMath pictured her with her mom.

Judge Allows Family To Move Girl Declared Brain Dead From Oakland Hospital To Another Facility

A judge said Friday that the mother of Jahi McMath may remove her from an Oakland hospital if she assumes full responsibility for the consequences.


McMath Family

Family Of Girl Declared Brain Dead To Ask Court To Order Feeding, Breathing Tubes At Oakland Hospital

The family for a 13-year-old Oakland girl who was declared brain dead three weeks ago will go to federal court on Friday to seek an order that would require Children’s Hospital Oakland to install tubes so she can be moved to another facility.


Jahi McMath (family photo)

McMath Family Says Jahi Could Be Moved To New York Soon

The family of Jahi McMath said the 13-year-old girl , who was declared brain-dead after tonsil surgery, could soon be moved to a new facility on the East Coast.


Jahi McMath (family photo)

Terri Schiavo Foundation Working With Family To Relocate Jahi McMath

The Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network has been working behind the scenes to help get 13-year-old Jahi McMath moved to a care facility.


Jahi McMath (family photo)

Jahi McMath Family, Hospital Hold Dueling News Conferences

The family of Jahi McMath and Children’s Hospital Oakland held dueling news conferences Tuesday in what has become a war of words.


Jahi McMath (family photo)

Jahi McMath Case Sparks Debate Over Definition Of Death

The case of Jahi McMath is a very emotional one and the medical and ethical aspects are complex. KPIX5 asked Dr. David Magnus, a Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford and also the Chair of the Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, “what is death?”


Jahi McMath (family photo)

Temporary Restraining Order Gives Girl Declared Brain-Dead At Oakland Hospital Another Week On Ventilator

The family of a 13-year-old girl declared brain-dead after suffering complications from surgery at Children’s Hospital Oakland has obtained an extension of the temporary restraining order requiring the hospital to keep her on a ventilator.





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