Oakland Audit Finds Unchecked SpendingAn audit of Oakland’s workers’ compensation program finds city employees accepted $23,000 in inappropriate gifts from a contractor during two training summits in 2007 and 2008.
Oakland City Employees Voice Concerns About New BudgetMany city employees said they refuse to accept any more cuts to their benefits or pay after making those concessions during the recession.
SF Supervisors Approve Tax Relief For City Workers In Same-Sex PartnershipsSan Francisco's Board of Supervisors unanimously approved tax relief and reimbursements for city employees with same-sex partners.
23 SF City Workers Arrested In March Over Pay Hikes For OfficialsTwenty-three protesters were detained following a rally and march in San Francisco Wednesday that called on top city officials to forgo pay raises they are set to receive later this year.
San Francisco City Employees Rally Against Corporate Tax Breaks Hundreds of San Francisco city employees created traffic delays at a busy intersection when they rallied against corporate tax breaks.
Phil Matier: Overtime Costs Soar For Some SF City EmployeesKCBS and Chronicle Insider Phil Matier looks at the year-end tally of city labor costs including some astronomical overtime figures being doled out.
San Jose Council Opts To Keep Reservists’ Pay IntactSan Jose lawmakers have voted to keep indefinitely offsetting the pay cuts that city employees would otherwise take whey they are called up as military reservists.
City Error Means Reservists Owe San Jose MoneyThe San Jose City Council is planning to audit a program that's led to frustration and anger among city employees who serve as active-duty military reservists.
San Jose Mailer Stirs Up Political ControversyThere was no immediate comment from the union behind the mailer, but other city employee unions have subsequently been quoted as saying the do not want to be "lumped in" with this.
Vallejo Proposes Plan To Come Out Of BankruptcyThe city has proposed a plan to pay $6 million to creditors in an attempt to come out of bankruptcy.
San Francisco Pension Deficit DeepensSan Francisco's pension fund for retired city workers is even worse off than projected. The city will have to contribute around $600 million next year to pay for pension costs.
Expanding Background Checks for City EmployeesSan Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is looking to expand criminal background checks for potential city employees.

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