Researchers Find Bay BridgeCongestion Pricing WorksA new study finds congestion pricing on the Bay Bridge has cleared out carpool lanes, and made for a faster ride - for some.
Study: Jobs, Not Housing, Near Public Transit Reduces TrafficA new study shows jobs near public transit is more effective than housing near public transit, when it comes to getting drivers out of their cars.
Congestion Pricing Considered For Two More Bay Area BridgesProponents of congestion pricing on the peninsula call the Bay Bridge pricing tier a success.
Bay Bridge Traffic Decreases After Congestion PricingCommute-hour delays on the Bay Bridge have decreased by 15 percent in the first six months since congestion pricing was implemented on the bridge.
San Francisco Mayor Opposes Downtown Congestion PricingCharging fees to drive in the city sends a bad message to the rest of the Bay Area that will ultimately hurt the city’s economy, Mayor Gavin Newsom Wednesday.
Peninsula Leaders Oppose San Francisco Congestion TollSan Mateo County officials are urging San Francisco transportation leaders to scrap a plan that would charge commuters to enter or exit the city along its southern border.
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Toll Changes Start Thursday

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