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SF Man Pretended To Be Congo President’s Son In Real Estate Fraud

A San Francisco man has pleaded guilty to charges that he defrauded a Northern California real estate agent and his girlfriend out of $1.6 million over four years by pretending to be the son of Congo’s president.



SF Man Accused Of $1.6M Fraud, Claimed To Be Congo President’s Son

A San Francisco man who claimed to be the son of the president of the Congo has been arrested and charged with fraud for allegedly bilking a Marin County real estate agent and his girlfriend of $1.6 million.


Affleck & McCain: Capitol Hill's Odd Couple

Affleck & McCain: Capitol Hill’s Odd Couple

Ben Affleck and Cindy McCain, wife of Arizona Sen. John McCain, have teamed up to draw attention to conditions in the Congo…

CBS San Francisco–03/08/2011