Occupy Santa Cruz protesters inside a vacant bank building, December 1, 2011. (CBS)

Lawsuit To Decide Legality Of Former Santa Cruz Occupy Camp

A federal magistrate in San Jose is expected to rule later this month whether it’s legal for police to take down Occupy encampments. Although the decision is about a former Santa Cruz encampment, the ruling could have widespread implications.


Prop 8, same-sex marriage, gay, lesbian

California High Court Rules Backers Can Defend Same-Sex Marriage Measure

California’s highest court says ballot proposition sponsors can step in to defend their initiatives from legal challenges if the state’s governor and attorney general refuse to do so.


Same-sex couple Richard Yoder (R) and William Rackin (L) of New York exchange vows during their wedding ceremony October 15, 2008 at City Hall in San Francisco (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

California AG Harris Asks Court To Lift Gay Marriage Stay

California’s attorney general has asked a federal appeals court to allow gay marriages to resume while the court considers the constitutionality of the state’s ban on same-sex unions.

CBS San Francisco–03/01/2011


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