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MASSIVE QUAKE ROCKS MEXICO: 7.2 Magnitude Hits Near Acapulco


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ConsumerWatch: More College Grads Struggling To Pay Student Loans

A growing number of college graduates are having trouble paying their student loans. Defaults are up dramatically, and some experts think it’s going to get worse as the economy continues to struggle.

KPIX 5–08/29/2011

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California-Based Lawyers Accused Of Loan Lawsuit Scam

California prosecutors have filed a major lawsuit against several lawyers and call center operators for allegedly running a nationwide scam to dupe desperate homeowners into paying thousands of dollars to join dubious lawsuits against the country’s largest banks.

KPIX 5–08/18/2011


ConsumerWatch: SJ Condo Tenants Bans Smoking Over Secondhand Fears

Residents of a new Bay Area condo development have declared victory in a battle over secondhand smoke.

KPIX 5–07/26/2011


ConsumerWatch: Insurers Deny Autism Treatment

Parents of Bay Area autistic children are fighting with insurance companies over coverage of a commonly used behavioral therapy called Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and claim state regulators aren’t doing enough to force insurers to pay.

KPIX 5–07/15/2011

A Walgreens store (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

ConsumerWatch: Pharmacy Location Can Affect Prescription Prices

Bay Area pharmacy customers could avoid overpaying for prescription drugs by simply finding another location of the same pharmacy chain, according to a CBS 5 ConsumerWatch investigation.

CBS San Francisco–07/13/2011


ConsumerWatch: Homeowners Surprised By Zillow’s New Estimates, the popular real estate website known for its instant home appraisals, has changed its way of calculating those values.

KPIX 5–07/07/2011

Students take part in the how to be a smart consumer kid program. (CBS)

ConsumerWatch: Afterschool Program Teaches Savvy Shopping Skills

A new program in the East Bay is teaching kids how to become savvy shoppers at an early age.

KPIX 5–06/09/2011

Halibut with Watercress Pesto and Cannellini Beans

New Consumption Guidelines Issued For San Francisco Bay Fish

New safety guidelines have been issued for eating fish caught in San Francisco Bay, the first such update in 17 years.

CBS San Francisco–05/24/2011

Brazilian Blowout. (CBS)

ConsumerWatch: ‘Brazilian Blowout’ Popular Despite Health Concerns

More women are turning to Brazilian Blowouts as an alternative to straighten their hair. But members of Congress are asking the Food and Drug Administration to voluntarily recall the products.

KPIX 5–05/18/2011


ConsumerWatch: What To Know Before Selling Silver

Precious Metal dealers report a lot of people bringing in silver jewelry, coins and household objects, hoping to cash in on this year’s big rise in silver prices.

KPIX 5–05/10/2011