Contra Costa Water District

Residents Wonder Why Contra Costa County Flushes Water Down Gutter Amid Major DroughtSome Clayton residents are unhappy over the flushing of tap water down the drain by the same agency that tells them to conserve it.
Water Wasters Ratted Out In ConcordWater wasters in Concord are being ratted out by neighbors in the midst of California’s severe drought.
Contra Costa Asks 500,000 Water Users For Cuts Of 15 Percent The Contra Costa Water District is asking its roughly half-million users to cut their water use by 15 percent in an effort to help weather the ongoing drought.
Bay Point Residents Outraged Over High Water RatesWater is one of the very few things you can’t live without. But what if your neighbors were paying about half what you pay?
East Bay Water Customers To Be Protected From DroughtsCustomers in the East Bay could be spared from a drought or other emergencies thanks to an intertie project between two agencies.
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