San Francisco COO Helps Make A Company's Vision A RealityBrian Witlin, entrepreneur and COO of Yummly, gives excellent advice for those wishing to start and be successful with a business.
Tech Executive Advises San Francisco Students To 'Be Inspired'Charles Huang is the COO for Silicon Valley startup Leeo and co-creator of the popular Guitar Hero video game.
CEO Says Start-Ups Require A Tireless Work Ethic In San Francisco Bay AreaThe CEO of UltraSportsLive.TV gives career advice for students interested in a career in the tech industry.
$58M Severance Package For Fired Yahoo COO After 15-Months On The JobYahoo’s recently fired chief operating officer, Henrique de Castro, left the Internet company with a severance package of $58 million even though he lasted just 15 months on the job.
Intel Chooses COO Brian Kraznich To Replace CEO Paul OtelliniIntel has chosen its chief operating officer, Brian Krzanich, to become its new CEO.

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