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Charter School Places Students In College Courses, Cuts $6,000 In Costs

Aspire Public Schools, a charter school system operating throughout the state of California, prepares its students for college early on.


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Art Program Informs Students’ Lives at Campolindo High School

Campolindo High School urges students to develop artistic perception and create original artwork while learning to appreciate the history of art.


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Ending Social Isolation A Key Issue For Bay Area Teenagers

Beyond Differences is an organization largely run by kids, passionate about eradicating social isolation where it hurts the most: in school.


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ICEF Public Schools Bring The Rhythm Of Life To South Los Angeles

Inner City Education Foundation schools in South Los Angeles are shaping lives and altering realities, both for students and their families.


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At-Risk Youth Gain Leadership Through Enrichment Progam

Founded in 2001, Team Prime Time creates after-school opportunities in Title I schools where it’s needed most.


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Flipped Classroom Improves Grades, Saves Money At Mountain House High School

Flipped Classroom is a novel teaching approach leading to improved grades for many students.


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Non-Profit Solves Math Phobia Problem In California’s Silicon Valley

Elevate Math, given as an after school program or summer class for schools around Silicon Valley, helps kids acquire mastery of basic concepts by using a project and problems-based learning approach.


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Bluegrass Music Educates Victorville Elementary Students About History

Eric Nordbeck, a teacher at West Palms Conservatory in the Victorville Elementary School District, love for Bluegrass music has brought a unique medium to his students.


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What Is Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)?

Geared primarily towards low-to-middle income, working individuals and families, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is a federal benefit able to provide relief to those who meet specific criteria, by reducing the amount of tax owed and by increasing the amount of tax monies refunded, as determined after filing. Both single and married people can benefit from EITC, regardless of whether or not they have children or other dependents.


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Extra-Curricular Programs In California Contribute To STEM Careers

California’s public school system contribute to STEM careers by offering science-centric activities through after-school programs.