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ConsumerWatch: PG&E Probing Customer Credit In Search Of Money Owed

Back in July, PG&E took a peek at all its customers credit reports. The inquiries, known as “soft credit inquiries,” were intended to identify customers who owe the utility money, and did not impact customers credit scores, according to PG&E.



ConsumerWatch: 4-Year-Old Mistake On Credit Report Hurts Homeowner

A mistake on your credit report can be costly. And experts say the best way to fix an error it by contacting the credit reporting agencies directly and informing them of the mistake – They’re required by law investigate within 30 days.


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ConsumerWatch: Phony Ads Used As Credit Services Lure

Scammers are doctoring up phony real estate and help-wanted ads that are tricking apartment and job hunters to sign up for subscription credit monitoring services they may not want or need.


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California Assembly Bans Using Credit Reports For Most Hiring

California lawmakers have voted to block employers from using consumer credit reports when they are deciding whether to hire workers for most jobs.

CBS San Francisco–05/19/2011