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San Francisco Tenants Outraged Over Lower-Haight Property Manager’s Costly Rental Requirements

Tenants at a rent-controlled apartment building in San Francisco’s Lower-Haight neighborhood say they’ve received notice from their landlord that they need to prove an annual income of $100,000 in addition to a high credit score.


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Car Loan Program For Low-Income Families Expands To South Bay

Getting a new set of wheels is becoming much easier for low-income families in Silicon Valley, as a car loan program expands to Santa Clara County.



ConsumerWatch: 4-Year-Old Mistake On Credit Report Hurts Homeowner

A mistake on your credit report can be costly. And experts say the best way to fix an error it by contacting the credit reporting agencies directly and informing them of the mistake – They’re required by law investigate within 30 days.


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ConsumerWatch: San Francisco Ranks High In Credit Score Survey

The economy has been rough, but there are still people in the Bay Area that can brag about having a high credit score.


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ConsumerWatch: Cleaning Up Debt That’s Not Yours

Consumer complaints against debt collection agencies soared last year, with many coming from people who say they were falsely accused.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–05/06/2011

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ConsumerWatch: Unused Credit Cards Could Lower Your Credit Score

A standard practice by banks to cancel inactive accounts could cost consumers a lower credit score.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–04/04/2011