Diane Keaton

Cast of "The Big Wedding" (credit: Lionsgate)

Jan Wahl Movie Review: ‘The Big Wedding’

KCBS Entertainment Editor, Jan Wahl has a film with a whole host of big stars, but are they enough to make “The Big Wedding” worth the trip?


Jan Wahl Movie Review: 'Darling Companion' & 'The Perfect Family'

Jan Wahl Movie Review: ‘Darling Companion’ & ‘The Perfect Family’

KCBS Entertainment Reporter, Jan Wahl reviews two films, ‘Darling Companion,’ staring Kevin Kline and Diane Keaton & ‘The Perfect Family’ with Kathleen Turner…


Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford (l-r) in scene from movie "Morning Glory" (AP)

Jan Wahl Movie Review: Morning Glory

KCBS Movie Critic Jan Wahl reviews this new film starring Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford.



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