Trump Is Master Of His Domain Names, Even Ones That Bash HimWhoever owns must really hate Donald Trump, right? Wrong! It's the Donald himself.
Federal Officials Target Websites Selling Counterfeit GoodsIn an undercover operation, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations, along with law enforcement agencies from across the globe seized 132 domain names on Monday.
Tech Report: Frenzy Over New Internet Domain SuffixesDot-coms are about to get a lot more company now that the organization that oversees web addresses is set to approve over a thousand new domain name endings.
Tech Report: U.N. Internet Governance Forum Wraps UpThe U.N. Internet Governance Forum has brought together both public and private participants to share views on highly technical issues as well as political changes brought on by an increasingly wired world.
Tech Report: Unique Domain Names Coming To Internet SoonA quarter-century after the creation of ".com," the agency that assigns Internet addresses is loosening its rules and allowing suffixes named after brands, hobbies, political causes and just about anything else.

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