SF’s Top Law Enforcement Disagree With Eliana LopezEliana Lopez wrote an opinion piece that her voice was considered irrelevant and ignored by authorities when a neighbor reported hers and suspended Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi's new year's fight to police.
Suspended San Francisco Sheriff’s Wife Headed To Venezuela The wife of San Francisco's suspended Sheriff, Ross Mirkarimi, was given the green light by a judge on Friday to travel to Venezuela with the couples’ son to visit her ailing father.
San Francisco Sheriff’s Future Weighs Heavy Mayor Lee’s MindSan Francisco's Mayor Lee is reviewing legal documents to help make a decision whether or not to suspend Sheriff Mirkarimi, an ability he has under the city's charter.
Mirkarimi Faces Renewed Calls To Resign From Anti-Violence GroupsNow that he's pled guilty in a plea bargain to end his trial, advocate groups for victims of domestic violence gathered on the steps of San Francisco’s City Hall Thursday to urge Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi to resign.

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