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Yoga (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

HealthWatch: Don’t Count Weight Loss Among Yoga’s Benefits

A growing number of Americans are choosing to unplug from stressed-out, buzzed-up lives with the help of Yoga – but new research suggests that there are limits to the benefits of the ancient practice.


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HealthWatch: Doctors’ House Calls Making A Comeback In San Francisco

Housecalls by doctors, an old idea that many thought had seen its day, is gaining new traction in San Francisco.


St. Mary's Medical Center in San Francisco. (CBS)

HealthWatch: Cancer Patient Says SF Hospital Denied Insurer-Approved Care

A college professor and mother of two with a serious illness said a Bay Area hospital denied potentially life-prolonging treatment, despite approval from her insurance company.



Autism May Be Linked to Obesity During Pregnancy

Obesity during pregnancy might increase chances for having a child with autism, according to new study out of University of California, Davis.



HealthWatch: Bay Area Scientists Work To Reset Biological Clock

Scientists in Menlo Park have developed a new test to measure what may be the best biomarker of overall health status — raising hopes that our biological clocks can be slowed, or even reset.


A WineTime chocolate bar (CBS)

HealthWatch: Chocolate Bar Claims Benefits Of Wine Without Alcohol

A new type of “nutritional” chocolate bar that claims to improve heart health may have a hard time living up to the promise.



HealthWatch: Poetry Helping Alzheimer’s Patients, Families Cope

Bay Area families who struggle with the impact of Alzheimer’s disease are using poetry to help rekindle memories and create moments of joy for patients and families alike.



HealthWatch: Child’s Breath-Holding May Present Real Danger

Few things are more frightening for the parents of a toddler than a breath-holding spell.


A device similar to this one could soon be injected into the bloodstream to diagnose, medicate or perform surgical procedures. (Stanford University)

HealthWatch: Stanford Researching Microscopic Medical Devices

From cochlear implants to pacemakers, implantable medical devices are becoming smaller and smaller. Researchers are working on a class of medical devices that are so small they can travel through the bloodstream.


The Vivus website, makers of Qnexa (Vivus)

FDA Panel Approves Mountain View Company’s Previously Rejected Diet Pill

A panel of advisers to the Food and Drug Administration overwhelmingly backed approval for a highly anticipated anti-obesity pill from Vivus Inc., a drug which the FDA previously rejected due to safety concerns.