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Shuttered Solyndra headquarters (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Report Shows White House Ignored Warnings On Solyndra

Republicans investigating the federal government’s investment in a bankrupt solar panel manufacturer have concluded that the Obama administration ignored numerous red flags about the company’s financial viability, leaving taxpayers on the hook for more than $500 million.


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Solyndra Execs Refuse To Testify At House Hearing On Loan

Top executives from a bankrupt Fremont-based solar energy company have declined to testify before a congressional hearing investigating their half-billion dollar government loan.


Solyndra Headquarters in Fremont (Solyndra Inc.)

Federal Analysts Warned Of Solyndra Financial Problems In 2009

Federal analysts looking at a proposed loan to a Bay Area solar energy company in 2009 warned then of possible problems, as well as pressure from the White House to speed up a decision, according to a memorandum released by a Congressional committee.


Solyndra Headquarters in Fremont (Solyndra Inc.)

Memo Shows Solyndra Execs Knew Of Impending Financial Collapse

A congressional memorandum indicates that even as the executives of a solar energy company assured members of Congress that their finances were improving, a different story was being prepared behind the scenes.