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Homeless encampment near Mineta San Jose International Airport. (CBS)

Homeless Urged To Enter Cold-Weather Shelters After South Bay Deaths

After the death of four homeless men in Santa Clara County last week, Emergency shelters increased the number of available spaces—in some cases there are people sleeping on mats in halls and walkways.


A large homeless encampment under the King Street connector to Interstate 280 in San Francisco is being cleared out, although many of the displaced said they plan to return.

Bay Area Homeless Shelters Ready For Cold Snap

As a cold snap that reached the Bay Area this week was bringing freezing temperatures, homeless cold-weather shelters were making beds and meals available to those living on the streets.


A squatters encampment along Coyote Creek in San Jose. (CBS)

Some South Bay Homeless Return To Illegal Encampment

This after city officials cleared the space near Coyote Creek on Tuesday.


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3 Cold Weather Shelters Now Open In Santa Clara County

As winter approaches and the weather gets colder, thousands of homeless people will now be able to seek shelter at three locations in Santa Clara County.



Santa Clara County Winter Homeless Shelter Program Begins

A Santa Clara County program gives their homeless population a chance to have a temporary place to stay during winter weather months.



Silicon Valley Remembers The Homeless

The Silicon Valley’s largest shelter will hold its annual Homeless Memorial Wednesday for the men and women who died on the streets there this year.


New Shelter For Homeless Families Could Be San Jose's Last

South Bay Winter Shelters Open Early Due To Cold Snap

The cold weather pattern this week has made it especially difficult for the more than seven thousand homeless people in Santa Clara County.


Boccardo Reception Center (

San Jose Medical Facility For Homeless Celebrates Anniversary

A medical respite program in San Jose that gives homeless patients somewhere to go after being discharged from hospitals is celebrating its second anniversary.