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Restaurants Reach $2M Settlement With ‘Healthy San Francisco’

The San Francisco City Attorney has cleared 17 restaurants and reached settlements with dozens of others over allegations that they were collecting surcharges to pay for employee health care, but not actually providing any.



About The Bay: How State Budget Cuts Affect Sick Workers

Cuts in the state budget have hit a lot of people hard, but they hit especially hard when you’re already hurting. If you’re sick and off work in the State of California some federal under-funding issues could have a major impact on you.


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Fewer California Employers Offer Health Insurance

The annual survey by the California Healthcare Foundation released Wednesday found 64 percent of employers in the state currently offer health plans, down from 73 percent in 2010.


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Hayward Congregation Asks for Domestic Workers ‘Bill of Rights’

Pastors across the Bay Area invited domestic workers to speak to their congregations as part of a campaign to get state leaders to adopt a domestic workers’ ‘bill of rights’.