Dictionary.com's Most Looked Up Word Of 2016: XenophobiaSearches for 'xenophobia' on Dictionary.com increased by 938 percent from June 22 to June 24. It means "fear or hatred of foreigners."
Trader Joe's Recalling Some Raw Walnuts Over Salmonella FearsTrader Joe’s is recalling some walnuts over potential salmonella contamination.
Fear Of Ebola Dominates While Influenza Kills Thousands A Year In U.S.; Only Half Of Population Gets Flu ShotThere are plenty of fears floating around surrounding the Ebola virus, but flu season is coming up and many people don't seem to be all that worried and often do not take precautions against it that are available.
SF Hunter's Point Resident Waited To Report Shooting Out Of FearA resident in San Francisco’s Hunters Point neighborhood waited to report a shooting that had occurred on Sunday out of fear, police said.

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