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Sheriff's deputies at the Parachute Center at Lodi Airport, April 29, 2014. (CBS)

Skydivers Collide In San Joaquin County; 1 Killed

A skydiver has died in Northern California after colliding with another diver in midair.


Drone Hovering

Battle In Berkeley To Make The City A ‘No Drone Zone’

A battle over drones is taking place in the city of Berkeley. One side wants them overhead, the other side wants to declare the city a ‘no drone zone’.


Police drone. (CBS)

California Gets Passed Over For FAA Drone Development Site

The Federal Aviation Administration announced six states on Monday that will develop test sites for drones, a critical next step for the march of the unmanned aircraft into U.S. skies. California did not make the list, despite significant lobbying by the strong aerospace industry.


San Francisco International Airport. (CBS)

FAA Imposes Landing Restrictions On Foreign Jets At SFO

U.S. aviation officials are no longer allowing foreign airlines to land alongside another plane when touching down at San Francisco International Airport.


The scene, from a distance of the crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 at SFO. (credit: Hougdiggs/KPIX)

More Training For U.S. Pilots To Be Required In Wake Of SFO Crash

The question of pilot experience is one of the issues raised in the investigation of the crash landing of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 in San Francisco on Saturday.


An airplane lands at nightfall. (CBS)

FAA To Close 11 California Control Towers

Eleven air traffic control towers at small airports throughout California are on the Federal Aviation Administration’s list of nationwide facilities to be closed next month due to spending cuts.


Marine Rescue

SFO’s New $5.2M Boathouse Ready For Emergencies

A new $5.2 million boathouse made its debut Thursday at San Francisco International Airport. The emergency-response facility, located off North Access Road on the bay perimeter of the airport’s property, is ready to assist if planes get in trouble over the Bay.


Oakland International Airport

Bay Area Airports To Adopt Satellite-Based Air Traffic Control System

A modern, satellite-based system of air traffic control now in development will streamline how commercial airliners take off and land at Northern California airports.


San Francisco International Airport. (CBS)

SFO Construction To Improve Runway Safety, Cause Flight Delays

The FAA is set to downgrade SFO to a Level 2 hub as they believe runway construction will leave the airport vulnerable to delays and congestion.


Debris from the plane that crashed at the Reno Air Races is scattered in front of the grandstand at the Stead Airport on Sept. 16, 2011 in Reno, Nev. A World War II era fighter plane plunged into the grandstands Friday during a popular annual air show, injuring several dozen spectators and leaving a horrific scene of bodies and wreckage. (AP)

Organizers At Salinas Air Show Say Safety Is Top Priority

Friday’s crash at the Reno Air Races is on the minds of those who organize other aviation events.





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