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San Francisco State University (SFSU)

SF State Petition Spurs CSU To Reverse Cuts To Graduate Student Grants

Less than a week after Chancellor Charles Reed ordered that $90 million of financial aid be reallocated from tuition grants, abruptly eliminating a vital source of support for 20,000 grad students at all 23 CSU campuses, university officials announced the grant program had been saved.


UC Berkeley, Cal

UC Berkeley Launches Middle-Class Financial Aid Program

The University of California, Berkeley is launching a new financial aid program for middle-class students.



Brown Signs ‘Dream Act’ Allowing Undocumented Students To Get Financial Aid

One day before the Oct. 9 deadline to approve or veto a bill that would allow undocumented students to receive public financial aid for higher education, Gov. Jerry Brown announced Saturday that he signed the California DREAM Act.


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ConsumerWatch: More College Grads Struggling To Pay Student Loans

A growing number of college graduates are having trouble paying their student loans. Defaults are up dramatically, and some experts think it’s going to get worse as the economy continues to struggle.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–08/29/2011

Gov. Jerry Brown

Gov. Brown Approves College Aid For Illegal Immigrants

Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday signed a bill that will let students who entered the country illegally receive private financial aid at California’s public colleges.

CBS San Francisco–07/25/2011

Students walk to class at UC Berkeley (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Calif. State Senate Approves College Aid For Illegal Immigrants

Gov. Jerry Brown will get his chance to let college students who entered the country illegally receive limited financial aid, under a bill approved by the state Senate.

KPIX 5 | CBS San Francisco–07/14/2011


For-Profit Colleges May Lose Cal Grant Eligibility

Many for-profit colleges could lose their eligibility for California higher-education grants under new rules being considered by state lawmakers.

CBS San Francisco–03/10/2011


State Researchers Pinpoint True Cost Of College Education

The report put the total cost of a UC student living on campus at more than $27,000, an 18% increase from 2006. At a CSU campus, costs increased 23% to $20,000.