Foreclosed House

Foreclosed Vallejo Home Haunts Former Owner After Squatters Move In

Most homeowners believe that handing the keys over to the bank is the final step in the foreclosure process, but for one Vallejo man, it was just the beginning of a legal tug-of-war with one of the largest financial institutions in the country.


James Wilson was arrested on alleged rental fraud in Santa Clara County (Santa Clara County DA)

Alleged Real Estate Scammer Busted Over Fake South Bay Rentals

Jame Troy Wilson has been charged with operating a scheme where he took over foreclosed properties, made false claims of ownership and then took thousands of dollars from unsuspecting renters.


Franz Gorski barricades himself inside his Alamo garage. (CBS)

Alamo Man Evicted From Self-Built Home After Barricading Himself Inside

The number of Bay Area homes in foreclosure is down nearly 40 percent from a year ago – but that’s little consolation for an East Bay man forced to walk away from the hand-built home he’s lived in for 18 years.


San Francisco Homes For Sale

Bay Area Home Sales On The Rise As Prices Dip

A research firm reports bargain-hunters are boosting home sales in the San Francisco Bay area as prices continue to slide.