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Tech Report: Intel Getting Into Internet TV

Intel has confirmed that it will begin offering a set top-box to deliver movies and TV shows to your television set.


The new Sony Internet TV is seen after it was unveiled October 12, 2010 in New York City. The LCD television is powered by Google TV and is the first to allow viewers to watch HD television while surfing the web and using applications at the same time. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Fox Joins Other Broadcasters In Blocking Google TV Access

News Corp.’s Fox has joined broadcasters ABC, CBS and NBC in blocking access to full episodes of shows when searched from Google TV’s Web browser, according to a person at Fox familiar with the matter.

CBS San Francisco–11/11/2010

Google TV Home Screen (Google/CNET)

Broadcasters ‘Misunderstand’ Google TV, Exec Says

Attempts by broadcasters to seek payment for allowing their online video to be viewed through Google Inc.’s new Web-connected TV platform represents a “misunderstanding” of what it is, a Google executive said Tuesday.


Google TV Home Screen (Google/CNET)

Online TV Spats Mean Fewer Free Shows On Web

Broadcasters took a big step toward eliminating free TV shows on the Web after they blocked access to their programming online this month to enforce their demands to be paid.

CBS San Francisco–10/25/2010

Google TV Home Screen (Google/CNET)

Sony Unveils TVs With Google’s Web-Surfing System

Sony Corp.’s lineup of sleek televisions boasting Google Inc.’s Web-surfing system will go on sale Saturday, testing how much consumers are willing to pay to combine access to the entire Internet with their regular TV programming.

CBS San Francisco–10/12/2010

Google TV Home Screen (Google/CNET)

Watching Online Videos On TV

Google is teaming up with Logitech for a television set-top box that will let people watch video from the Internet right on their TV.


Google Lines Up Internet TV Programming Partners

Google Inc.’s effort to wed Web surfing with television viewing is gathering more support from major media outlets that distribute some of the content that will help sell the concept.

CBS San Francisco–10/04/2010