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California’s Health Exchange Working With Insurance Agents To Benefit Small Business Employees

California’s health insurance exchange not only will allow individuals to shop for health insurance plans, but small businesses, as well. Covered California’s Executive Director Peter Lee explains how.



12 Insurance Plans Join California Health Exchange

Twelve health insurance companies have signed contracts to offer coverage through California’s new exchange as part of the federal health care law.


San Francisco General Hospital (City and County of San Francisco)

San Francisco Files Lawsuit Against Three Medical Insurers

San Francisco is suing three insurance companies on claims that they underpaid San Francisco General Hospital for emergency services given to policyholders.


San Bruno disaster area

Insurance Reps Meet With San Bruno Blast Victims

Many victims of the San Bruno pipeline explosion and fire are still trying to piece together their lives. A health insurance resource event held on Wednesday allowed survivors to meet one-on-one with industry representatives.


Health Net Agrees to Pay for Loss of Private Info

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KCBS)- A California-based health insurance company has agreed to pay the state of Connecticut $250 thousand for losing a disk drive containing private information of 446 thousand state residents.